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Group of American activists is protestin


Embrace your significance and bring others along!

You have more impact than you have been lead to believe. United we Stand. Divided We Fall.

Join the Movement.

Here's an opportunity to be a part of not only a group of freedom-loving patriots, but an historic movement.

Help Missouri Stands Up! make a difference.

Subscribe to our Newsletter, Volunteer, Pledge your financial suport, and Share our message/website far and wide.  Thank you for your support.

Become a Volunteer

Missouri Stands Up! is a 100% volunteer organization. We rely upon the invaluable and courageous efforts of our volunteers. If you wish to participate in a truly meaningful grassroots movement with fellow liberty-minded patriots, let us know! We have a variety of things that need to be done and we can match your skills with an important task. Thank you for your support.

We all know the fight to keep our freedom comes with a price. Whether it’s joining in a rally or protest, petitioning our legislature or standing our ground by not complying, it is a struggle on our minds, our time and our efforts. 

Missouri Stands Up is all volunteer labor.  But some bills, like the website and printing, need to be paid with something more than blood, sweat and tears. 

Any amount contributes to the cause. Every amount makes a difference.  Thank you for your monetary support. You can also donate anonymously.

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