These are some resources we have found to be valuable.

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State Action Groups

Ohio Stands Up!

Arizona Stands Up!

Nebraska Stands Up!

New Mexico Stands Up!

Stand Up Michigan!

Montana Title 50

People's Rights

Doctors' Sites

World Doctors Alliance (WDA)

WDA Online brochure compiled by a team of 1000 German Doctors who contend Covid is a Fake Pandemic

America's Frontline Doctors Summit

Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (Group of Doctors with 2000 Published Papers)

Docs 4 Open Debate

Association of American Physicians/Surgeons

Dr. Zach Bush

Dr. Buttar

Dr. Tenpenny

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Doctors Initiatives Across the World

News Programs

The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Ron Paul Liberty Report

News & Information Sites

Great Barrington Declaration

Global Research

Evidence Not Fear


Dissident Signposts

Millions Against Medical Mandates

Questioning Covid

Green Med Info

ReClaim Your Lives

London Real with Brian Rose

Data, Studies & Analytics

Pandata: Pandemics-Data & Analytics

Swiss Policy Research

Ivor Cummins, The Fat Emperor

Youtube Channels

Ivor Cummins

The Healthy American Peggy Hall

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

The Corbett Report               

Vernon Coleman

Tony Heller

Pam Popper

New Earth Project


Facebook Groups

Missouri Stands Up!

Missourians Against Quarantine and SocialDistancing


Mask-Free Missouri


The No Mask Majority


End the Stay-Governor Parsons


ReOpen Missouri


We the People of St Louis County


Missourians Against Mandates

We the People of St. Louis County


Free Americans Against Mask Mandates


Missouri Medical Freedom Groups


Childrens' Health Defense

MO Coalition for Vaccine Choice 

Informed Health Choice Missouri 


Missouri Parents Against Vaccines


Missouri Millions March

Informed Consent Action Network




Testing: PCR & Antigen

False Reporting


Covid Passport



Suppression of Cures

Prevention & Sucessful Treatments




Media Misinformation


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