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Missouri Stands Up is working to stop the emerging Medical Tyranny: masking, social distancing, track and tracing, mandatory vaccinations and medical passports because they are base on a massive FRAUD.

Who We Are

We are a concerned group of typical Missourians who began meeting to discuss and take action against what we believed were illogical, unwarranted, unconstitutional and illegal actions by our government and agencies under the guise of public safety for the so-called pandemic.  We saw inaccurate medical information and a misleading agenda in the mainstream media.  Through research we found much expert opinion and factual scientific data that contradicts the mainstream narrative. What began two years ago as a movement to “unmask St. Louis” quickly became a commitment to expose not only the medical and pharmaceutical fraud but the horrific agenda to create a one world government with complete, totalitarian control over a diminished population. 

What We Believe

We believe America is a constitutional Republic that safeguards our inalienable rights that can neither be taken away nor given away.  We believe in truth. We believe fear feeds on the unknown which allows evil to prevail.  We believe armed with truth and knowledge we will not be afraid.  Armed with the truth, we will expose and prevail against the abuse of power by those charged with serving the public good. Together we are prepared and will not be defeated.

Our Mission

Missouri Stands up is a growing, action-based consolidation of positive, forward-thinking individuals working in, for and with communities to expose, through sound research and lawful actions, the massive medical and political fraud perpetrated on not only Missourians but on the entire world with regard to the fear-based propaganda of Covid-19 .  Missouri Stands Up is committed to challenging government overreach by effecting change through education, political and community activities in order to protect our unalienable rights. Together we are Prepared and will not be Defeated.

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