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Missouri Stands Up is working to stop the emerging Medical Tyranny: masking, social distancing, track and tracing, mandatory vaccinations and medical passports because they are base on a massive FRAUD.

Who We Are

We are a group of typical citizens who began meeting to discuss and take action against what we thought were unwarranted and illegal actions by our government in recent months. Additionally, we see inaccurate information and a misleading agenda in the main stream media and want to counter that narrative. We decided to form Missouri Stands Up to take legal action to stop the mandates and lockdowns, which, in our view, are counterproductive to public health and welfare. We were inspired by the efforts of and are drawing on their experience.

What We Believe

We believe that an democratic society survives, and thrives, on an open exchange of ideas and free debate. What we have seen lately is the stifling of debate, censorship and demonization of ideas contrary to the "official narrrative". We have found much expert opinion and information that contradict that narrative. 

We believe that, as citizens, we must guard against abuse of power by those charged with serving the public good.

Our Threefold Mission

LEGAL: Bring legal action possibly against the State, the Governor or other public officials, retailers or airlines to prove in court that the Covid Pandemic was based on faulty testing and an exaggeration of death counts.

 Many thanks to OhioStandsUp!. They offer their experience and resources to all who want to use them. We are following their lead. Please visit their site and support them if you can.

INTELLIGENCE: Promote, educate, and inform others with sound research regarding COVID-19 and the political agendas capitalizing on recent events.

COMMUNITY: Partner with other like-minded individuals and organizations throughout the state and the country committed to challenging government over-reach occasioned by COVID-19 and preserving our liberties.